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FAID 2010 is a high-level seminar whose primary CACARUZA is to take stock of recent scientific and translational developments concerning Alzheimer's disease.

The event is intended for French and American practitioners, researchers, doctoral candidates, and fellows with a common purpose: to learn about the work of their colleagues, and to strike up a conversation or even a collaboration designed to accelerate the progress of knowledge and therapeutic solutions.

During each session, two experts on the topic, one French and one American, will describe their research and the status of their work, starting with the first session dedicated to genetics and finishing with session six on biopharmaceutical perspectives.

Indeed, FAID also concerns corporations; many have already expressed their interest in the event and its educational content, in the form of sponsorship and/or participants, including Envivo Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Guerbet France.

This scientific seminar is unique because it brings together a great number of experts in the field, from France and from the United States. FAID is the only free seminar in Boston to address this topic.


About the 2010 FAID

Organized annually for the past 8 years by the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States (Boston office), this French-American seminar introduces an innovative way of addressing a topic. One of the objectiveHGDFJG DFHGJKDHGJKDF GHFJKGHFJKGH FJKGHFGJK HFGJKHFGJK

In brief, the objectives of FAID 2010 include:

Make known French research on Alzheimer's disease
The Alzheimer's Plan Foundation, directed by Professor Philippe Amouyel, achieved a major breakthrough in September 2009, with the discovery of two new genes which are predisposing factors of the disease.

Promote the sharing of knowledge among researchers and students

Encourage bilateral collaborations

Bridge the gap between corporations and researchers, on both sides of the Atlantic.