Professor John Growdon
John Growdon is Professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School and attending neurologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He graduated from Northwestern University in 1960 and obtained the MD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1965. His post-graduate training was in Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago, Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and neurochemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1984, he founded the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, one of five Centers initially funded by the National Institute on Aging. He directs the Memory Disorders Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital, which is the clinical arm of the Alzheimer Center, and the Movement Disorders Unit, which is the clinical arm of the Udall Parkinson Disease Center of Excellence. His research interests center on the clinical neurology and neuropharmacology of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, with a special emphasis on biologic markers of these diseases that could lead to improved diagnostic accuracy and treatment.

Prof. Philippe AMOUYEL
Philippe Amouyel is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University Hospital of Lille in the North of France. He is in charge of a large academic research unit at Inserm (U744), working on public health and molecular epidemiology of ageing diseases. A part of his research activity is devoted to cardiovascular diseases, understanding the multiple determinants of coronary artery disease, stroke and aneurysms. The other part is focused on the study of determinants, mainly genetic, of neurodegenerative diseases associated with cognitive decline and of Alzheimer’s disease in particular. He develops large epidemiological studies in population to attempt to decode the individual susceptibility to ageing diseases, using molecular techniques (genome wide association studies, high throughput genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and bioinformatics…). He participated in the preparation of the National Report on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders headed by Prof. Joël Ménard. After the publication of the National Plan in February 2008, he was nominated at the head of a National Scientific Foundation for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders to implement the research part of the National Plan. At the European level, he is leading the pilot Joint Programming Initiative on combating neurodegenerative diseases in particular Alzheimer’s disease. This initiative brings together 24 countries and aims at developing new ways of efficient collaboration in Europe.